Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Expensive Bathroom

We all drool over the images of gorgeous designer bathrooms, but we may not have the budget to go all out when the time comes to a spruce up our own bathroom. However, that doesn’t mean your bathroom has to be generic and uninspired. There are many ways to get the high end look without spending a fortune. Here are some tips to transform an ordinary bathroom into something more special.

  • Paint in Light Colour

When trying to achieve a designer bathroom look, white is the way to go. Cabinets and countertops in white create a simple and elegant bathroom. Use neutral paint colour and white bath linens to create a high-end hotel bathroom. This will give your bathroom a refreshing glow and make it instantly seem more spacious.

  • Have some Lighting Tricks

Changing the lighting in your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to transform the plain space into a high-end showpiece. Replace the traditional light bar above the mirror with pretty sconces on either side. If you have space, pendant lighting can add a trendy look, also you can install dimming switch to turn those harsh lights into mood lighting.

  • Use Vintage Furniture

Rustic period decor and furnishings add classic charm and appeal to your bathroom. You can repurpose a fabulous piece of furniture you already have or a flea market find into unique vanity. If you want you can do it yourself or get the help of a professional to get the look you want. This adds oomph to your bathroom.

These are some tips to make your bathroom look expensive without burning a hole in your pocket.